January 26, 2005


It has been quite some time since my last update. As I have said in earlier posts the pace of changes with Russ has slowed down but that is really a cop out. I just got out of the habit of writing updates and time passed. During this period of inactivity I have had quite a few messages both from friends and family asking how Russ is doing and also from people we don’t know who have missed the updates. I started this website as an efficient way to pass information to our family and friends who wanted to stay up to date on Russ’ condition. However along the way it became very apparent that many people who don’t know Russ found the site and have continued to follow it. There have been several people that themselves have family members with TBI and have looked to this site as a source of information. In some cases these people have told me that they got encouragement and inspiration from Russ. Other people with no ties to brain injury have found the site and continued to read it to see how Russ does. I have even heard from a doctor who is a professor at a medical school who would like to use the site as a teaching aid for her students. To everyone who reads this site I am very grateful for your interest and support. To all of you who have written to say the site helped you in some way, I am glad to hear that our experience may have been of some help to you in your situation.


In December the Kessler organization takes time to honor employees and patients who have demonstrated excellence over the past year. The awards are called the “Triumph of the Human Spirit Awards”. Informally the awards for patients are also referred to as “Patient of the Year”. The award is designed to recognize patients who have demonstrated courage and persistence in the face of great obstacles as they recover from their injuries. Each Kessler facility recognizes one patient each year and for 2004 Russ was the awardee for the East Orange facility. It was a very emotional night. Russ was in good company with the recipients from the other facilities. Each of the other recipients was a person who faced a terrible injury and struggled through long and sometimes painful therapy to regain physical abilities. The common denominator that struck me was that each person was faced with an injury so great that you could easily understand it if the person just gave up. However each of these people not only didn’t give up but they persisted again and again to get their life back in order. I was very proud of Russ.


Follow the link “Kessler Award” on the front page to see pictures from the award night.


Thanks for following Russ’ progress.