March 7, 2005


Russ did not get into Rusk for the March 1 cycle. We are disappointed but we understand. They have a limited number of slots and are short a therapist. Russ is also not going to Kessler now either. This is giving him some time on his hands. He has been working a little with me, doing what he can to help with some of our computer projects. But he is always more interested in doing things on his own. He has been looking for work and is attracted to sales jobs. A couple of weeks ago he was interviewing and preparing to sell air cleaners. I donít know what happened but he hasnít mentioned it lately. Since then he has been in training for Cutco. He is motivated to do it. He has been leaving the house early going to the office in his suit. He tells me he has been preparing to give sales presentations. He has all of his presentation materials recorded in his Dynawrite. He is working hard on it. No matter what happens this is good experience for him. I give him a lot of credit heís not sitting back letting his speech problems stop him. He is willing to try working in an arena where you would think speech is most important. We will see what happens.


Tonight I went with Russ to his speech therapy. He is finally making some progress. It is very modest progress but it is progress nonetheless. He can now make a consistent eee sound. That means he can say me and he. The therapist is also using the eee sound to say yeah (eee ahh) since he canít make an sss sound at all. Also coming along is who, wow, my. Up to this point everthing he tried to say sounded like ahh. If he worked on it for a couple minutes he could get an eee sound but it took work. The most useful words he is working on are yeah and no. I still can tell the difference for sure all the time but it is getting better. It will be a big help when he doesnít have to shake his head for everything. We now have some flashcards with the words he can say on them. GA and I are going to drill him on these words until they get better.


Thanks for following his progress.