March 27, 2005


Happy Easter.


Russ is making a little progress with speech. It is very slow and he doesnt admit he is making progress but he continues to practice each day. He is doing a drill that has him saying long sounds like ah and mmm. The purpose of these exercises is to allow the vibrations to reach the back of his throat and hopefully wake up the muscles that are not responding. The muscles we want to wake up is the muscles that control the soft palate which stops air from going out your nose when you say Ps Bs Ts Ds Ks Gs and Js. He is making progress with vowel sounds. He still has to think about each one before he begins but if we keep practicing he should get faster and more precise. We actually put together a sentence the other day. It was a silly sentence, all words he can say, but it is a start. He walked up to George-Anne who didnt know what we were planning and said I see you Mom. I was a nice moment. It pointed out how far he really has come with speech. We need to work on it a lot still. His pronunciation still needs a lot of work. George-Anne, his therapist, and I are probably the only people who would know what he was trying to say but it proves he can improve.


Thanks for following Russ as he improves.