April 5, 2004


Russ got his glasses last week. It makes a big difference in what he can see and they look good on him. He is very pleased to have his glasses since he can now schedule his driving test. On part 2 of the test he only failed the vision component. Since he only failed the vision test he does not need to re-take that test. 


Last weekend Russ went to the wedding of one of his fraternity brothers. See the home page for a link to a picture of Russ and his cousin Adrienne on their way to the wedding.


Yesterday I talked with Russ about sleep. It seems to me that he is getting more sleep at night. He doesn’t seem to be as tired during the day. Not too long ago he fell asleep any time he was in the car. Now it is unusual for him to sleep in the car unless it is late at night.


Russ can now hold a reasonable conversation with his keyboard. He still uses formal odd language. I think he can’t always find the words he wants to use. For example yesterday I asked him about sleeping. He said that he was sleeping well because he drank “warm milk products” before going to bed. What he meant was that he drinks one of his nutrition drinks before bed but he couldn’t remember the words. I asked how he heated them up. So he said sarcastically “Well I don’t light a fire under them”. I assumed that since he said warm I thought he heated them up. He meant that they were not refrigerated.


Thanks for following his recovery.