April 11, 2004


Russ and I played tennis this weekend. Unfortunately I am using the loosest sense of the word “played”. What we really did was hit the ball back and forth for a while. He is now steady on his feet and can run after the ball but he gets a late start going for the ball. He got his new glasses last week and I was hoping the glasses would help him see the ball better but he said the tint in the glasses is causing a problem. I think he just needs time to adjust to the glasses. He is doing quite well playing ping pong. His reaction time seems quite good there. Maybe the problem with tennis is that the racket is longer and it takes more coordination to hit the ball with a longer racket. Time will tell. We will keep trying.


I am also noticing a difference in how he is taking care of his room. When he came home from the hospital his room was always a disaster. Clothes, papers, shoes, books, everything was all over the place, all the time. Slowly he is organizing everything and keeping it neat. He started out with the desk and moved on to his bookshelves and his closet. I’m very impressed. I know this will keep getting better.


Wednesday it will be 3 weeks since his cognitive evaluation. I am hoping his cognitive therapy will start soon. He needs it.


Thanks for following his progress.