April 18, 2004


Dr. Fellus was visiting Robert Wood Johnson Hospital last week. When George-Anne and Russ saw him back in Kessler he made a point of telling them how many people at RWJ asked about Russ and how he was doing. He also told us that there is a young girl at RWJ who has a brain injury like Russ. On Saturday we went to RWJ to visit the nurses on the floor where Russ was. They were all very happy to see him and they were impressed with his progress.


While we were at RWJ we asked one of our favorite nurses to introduce us to the family of the young girl. Her name is Abby Klein and the scene around her bed reminded us of the crowds that formed around Russ. They have a large and caring family. Abby is a student at Rutgers and a trainer for the football team. As she was leaving the campus her car was struck by a tractor trailer. As was Russ she is in coma and will be going to an acute care facility for rehabilitation as soon as she is medically stable. We will be praying for her. Her friends set up a web forum for anyone would like to leave a supportive message for the family. To leave a message, go to www.angelsforabby.com close the pop up windows (donít be tempted by the gain network ad) and click the link to enter the site.


Thanks for following Russ and his recovery