April 26, 2004


Today Russ starts his new cognitive therapy at Kessler. They are going to put together a customized schedule for him that consists of part individual therapy and part group therapy. The usual cognitive therapy program is primarily group. At this point the doctor does not feel that Russ can communicate well enough to get full benefit. At the same time we are going to work on improving his communication skills. On off days from Kessler Russ is going to work with Val doing language exercises.


We have also been waiting for his cognitive schedule to start so we can arrange Russ to start the VitalStim therapy. VitalStim is similar to the electro-stimulation treatments he was getting on his face to improve his facial expressions but it is performed on the neck and throat. There is a hospital in Wayne that performs this therapy.


Russ is doing well with his new glasses. He doesn’t need them all the time. Usually he wears them outdoors but not in the house.


At the gym he is doing much better with the treadmill. He was having balance problems but he is doing much better now. Jerry now lets him set his own program and start it himself.


Thanks for following Russ’ progress.