May 15, 2005


Since Russ left Kessler we have been trying to get him in a new program called the Community Skills Program. It is to be paid for by the TBI waiver program. We applied to the TBI waiver program 2 and a half years ago and he now finally has a spot in the program. But now that he has a spot it is so long since we applied we have to apply again.


In the mean time Russ is going to speech therapy. He is working on about 2 dozen words. Some of them he can say very clearly. Others are hard to understand.


He is pleased to be working at RVCC again this summer. He enjoys working and seeing everyone.


One of the big challenges we have is making him face the fact that he has deficits caused by his accident. He does not recognize the problems. He thinks if he could only talk he would be right back where he was. It is a shame he could not get in the Rusk program in March. At that point he was motivated to get in the program and understood what he needed to work on. Now we need to keep him motivated until September. Since he thinks everything is fine he wants to get another job. I have no problem with him working as long as he understands that he needs to quit when it is time for Rusk.


Thanks for following his progress.