May 16, 2004


Russ is doing very well in cognitive therapy. He has been going 3 days per week for a total of 6 hours per week. We have been pushing for the full program which is 5 days per week and 4 to 5 hours per day. We have seen good progress since cognitive therapy started. We talked with the coordinator of the cog program and she spoke with his therapists and they now believe he can handle the full program. Some of the sessions will be individualized due to his communication deficit but it will be a full program none the less. Some of the sessions are as follows: Visual Perception Group, Brain Ed Group Language, Memory and New Learning, Social Skills, Health and Wellness, Executive Functions Group, Current Events, Safety Group, Humor and Pragmatics, and Computer Group. Russ is excited and ready for the new challenge. Additionally he will continue his speech therapy 3 times per week, his gym workouts 3 times per week, his VitalStim treatments twice a week, and chiropractor visit once per week. He is quite busy.


Most of all Russ is looking forward to today. He has his long awaited part 2 of the driving exam. I have warned him that he may need some behind the wheel classes. (Offered at Kessler) I donít want him to be too disappointed if he doesnít pass. But I donít want to be around if he does fail. He will be miserable. I have also told him not to expect to jump in the car and disappear alone when he does pass his test. We want him to take it slow and drive with us for a while before going out on his own. The thought of him driving makes me very nervous but keeping things in perspective it is a good problem to have.


Thanks for keeping Russ in your thoughts and prayers.