May 23, 2004


This was a crazy week for Russ and his schedule. Last week Russ was supposed to begin his cognitive program full time. But he took his drivers test on Monday. The instructor said that he did well but he recommends a series of 5 lessons. At that point he would take Russ to the MVA for the state test. Russ was not amused. He took it very personally. I think he forgets how driver training classes were when he was in high school. So this now adds another appointment to his already full schedule. Starting this week he will be at Kessler from 10 to 3 on Mon Tues and Thurs and 10 to 4 on Wednesday and Friday. He also has 2 or 3 VitalStim treatments per week, and 3 gym appointments per week. We were trying to fit everything in until the driver sessions were added. Now we are resigned to just do the best we can. Something will have to give occasionally we just canít get them all at the same time.


On Friday the New Jersey Brain Injury Association had their annual convention in Eatontown. It was a very good program. Russ, George-Anne and I attended. The keynote speaker was a man who drove a taxi in New York City until he was robbed and shot in the head. He was a very good motivational speaker. He discussed in detail how he handled his recovery. He gave a lot of insight into his feelings throughout his recovery. He discussed how other people treated him differently after the accident and he also discussed the ways that people with head injuries can hold themselves back by having a negative attitude. I think Russ enjoyed the presentation. I hope he got some insight out of it.


This weekend marks one year since Russ came home from Kessler. I am really amazed at the progress he has made since then. We have now completely forgotten about worrying about him walking and climbing stairs. We donít need to puree his food or feed him through the tube. He can now drink liquids better. He no longer writes one word at a time. How quickly we forget.


Thanks for following Russí progress.