June 20, 2004


Russ went back to work at RVCC this weekend! He will be working for the Pro Shop on the driving range. He is really looking forward to seeing everyone again at the club and getting back to earning his own money. Check out the new pictures on the front page.


Driving lessons have not been going very smoothly. Russ does not like his driving instructor. George-Anne is not happy with the instructor either. Russ had an evaluation and several lessons. We expect the instructor to be critical during an evaluation but we donít expect only criticism and negative comments during a lesson. Lessons should be instructive with proactive comments and suggestions. When the lessons seemed to be getting worse, George-Anne decided to ride along with Russ to see for herself. At that lesson George-Anne didnít like the way the instructor was berating Russ and didnít think he was giving enough instruction. We are not looking for someone to allow Russ to drive when he isnít safe. Quite to the contrary we are in no hurry for him to drive at all. But we donít need a driving instructor who has the personality of a drill sergeant. We brought our concerns to the attention of the administration and have now made arrangements to have Russ work with a different instructor. Hopefully this will help.


Cognitive therapy is going well. Russ goes to therapy 5 days a week for 5 or 6 hours a day. One way I can tell he is getting better is that he is now asking more questions about his finances. I have been managing his money for him since the accident and he has not paid much attention except to ask for money when he needed it. He is now more concerned with how much money he has, where it is coming from, and how he can earn more. Last week he asked George-Anne to take him to the bank to open a new checking account. He wants to start saving money.


Thanks for following his progress.