June 29, 2004


Several weeks ago Russ, George-Anne and I visited a young girl and her family at Robert Wood Johnson. Her name is Abby Klein, she was involved in an accident as she left School at Rutgers. She was injured much like a Russ and it was very emotional to see her as Russ was about a year earlier. Since Russ is back full time at Kessler and Abby was transferred to Kessler George-Anne and Russ have visited her and her family a lot lately. Russ really enjoyed the visits. He seemed to have great empathy for what she was going through.


We were all devastated to learn that Abby passed away on Sunday. She developed an infection that resisted treatment with antibiotics and very suddenly died. Everyone is numb. No-one expected this. She was doing so well only to die now. What a waste. How horrible for her family.


Once again we are reminded how fortunate we are. Please remember Abby and her family in your prayers.