August 4, 2004


Russ is doing well. Since George-Anne doesnít stay with him all day anymore we donít have as much first hand knowledge of what they are working on in therapy. We ask him all the time but he doesnít go into much detail. We are going to schedule a meeting with his therapists.


Before the accident Russ bought a HP Jornada pocket PC. He was going to use it to keep track of his schedule and phone numbers and other information. When he came home from Kessler he tried to use it but it was too complicated. Recently he tried to use it again. This time he had more success. He first told me he needed a new backup battery which we bought and he installed. Then he added his schedule and phone numbers. Finally he decided he would record his speech homework on the pocket pc and bring it in the next day to show his speech therapist. I find it interesting that he still has trouble with spatial relationships when he is working on physical projects but he seems to still be very adept working with computers and other electronic devices.


Even though I spend a lot of time with Russ I can still be very dense about his needs. He told us a couple of weeks ago that he wanted a new phone. There was nothing wrong with his old phone except that it was an old model. We bought the old model specifically for his keyboard. Unfortunately the keyboard attachment doesnít work very well. It is cumbersome and time consuming. Anyway he wanted a new phone. So we went to the store and he picked out a new phone. Then he added text messaging to his service. All along I had no idea why he wanted the text messaging. After a couple of weeks watching him sending messages all the time it finally dawned on me that text messaging is a much more effective way for him to use the telephone.


Thanks for following his recovery,