August 9, 2004


Being close to Russ and seeing him every day I donít notice a lot of the improvements he is making. I just noticed recently that he has a lot more facial expressions, he is trying to say hi and bye more often, what he does try to say is sounding better, and he is still communicating better with his keyboard or text messages on the phone. In addition I hear far fewer confused sentences than just a couple months ago.


We need to focus now on the skills Russ will need to go back to work. More importantly the skills he would need to get a job that would allow him to support himself. In most of the things Russ tries to do, he gets most of it done but there are details that give him trouble.


We have scheduled a family meeting with his therapists for next week. I am anxious to see how the therapists think he is doing. We would also like to see if there is anything we can do to help at home. He has been asking me to play chess with him. He says he has been playing chess at Kessler with another patient. He remembers how to play and I think it must be a good exercise for him.


More driving lessons this week. If he keeps doing well he may be ready for a test from the NJDMV after a couple more lessons.


Thanks for following his recovery,