September 19, 2004


Russ has successfully passed his driving tests at Kessler. Russ is quite happy about it. We are not quite so enthusiastic. I know he can do it and I know he has been thoroughly been tested but it is going to be a difficult hurdle for us.


It is much harder to get your driverís license back after a brain injury than to get your license in the first place. Russ had to prove his capability in all areas. Vision tests, arm and leg strength tests, flexibility tests in head and shoulders to turn and look in both directions, reaction speed tests and finally actual on the road driving tests.


We now have a letter from his doctor and his passing evaluation from the driving  instructor. Both of these need to be mailed to DMV and then we will hear from them what the next step is.


T-Bird Foundation is holding our annual golf outing this year on October 11, 2004. If you are interested in participating send me an email and I can mail you a brochure. There are also brochures in the pro shop at RVCC. The funds raised last year at the golf outing have been the crucial keeping Russ in therapy. We all appreciate the donations and efforts of everyone involved.


Thanks for following his progress.