October 1, 2004


I think it is about time to hear from the horseís mouth how he is doing. Below is an update written by Russ. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Donít Guess who I am it is me Russ I just want to say Thank all of you who have been with me from the beginning and before it.I was a happy go lucky guy no matter what happens and this was not a situation I dreamt about. I think that this has showed me how hard life could be. During the time when the accident happened everything was going right and I got a nice paid job and did whatever I feel like. This is a hit in the head I needed I got a serious one. And now after the accident I am more mature and always looking to help other people I mean for small things that need help like washing up the place because it was flooded. And I set small goals for me to reach that arenít so far away and I can do them. And I hope for the future and do the small things now to make me get the things I am hoping for. The current small goal is to work very hard at East Kessler and do everything they say and I donít do it in the way they would treat anybody. So recently I asked to have speech exercises everyday when I got in to Kessler they had me for Monday, and Wednesday, and Friday that wasnít enough as I said now. Everyday I say to myself you got lucky to have so many people behind you no matter what happens. I am very happy now doing what I can at my job that is it that is a small goal, which I have accomplished.



I canít do any better. Thanks for following his progress.