October 21, 2004


T-Bird Foundation had its annual golf outing on October 11 and it was a great success. Great weather and a lot of friends golfing together to raise money for Russ, Erika, and Cara through T-Bird Foundation. The golf committee and the membership of Raritan Valley Country Club once again came together to insure the success of our event. Again this year everyone was so impressed with the food and the golf course. Thank you all for making the event a great success again.


Russ is elated. He got his drivers license back. No more riding in the passenger seat. He worked hard with the Kessler driving teacher and he is ready. George-Anne and I are not so ready but we are pleased that he has the right attitude toward driving. He agrees that he needs to get back to driving slowly so he is going to drive with us for the first couple months. I am really pleased that he is taking a mature attitude toward this.


Speech therapy is still a slow hard battle. Russ is still making slow progress but his therapist suggested that we consider doing exercises at home and discontinuing therapy. Russ was not happy with that idea at all. He countered with increasing therapy to 5 days per week instead of three. He wants to try it for a few weeks to see if he can make more progress if he goes more frequently. I think we are going to have to try a different strategy. George-Anne and I are discussing the possibility of her going to therapy with him and getting instruction on how to help him at home. We then could give him one or two sessions per day 7 days a week. In that way we could give him much more practice and reduce his sessions back to 2 or 3 per week. At this point he doesn’t really need a therapist to practice with him all the time. He needs the therapist to guide his progress and monitor what we are practicing with him.


Thanks for following Russ and his progress.