Summary of Police Report


Russ was traveling west on Amwell Road in Hillsborough New Jersey when he struck a deer carcass that was lying in the middle of his lane between Woods and Willow Roads. His car left the road 163 feet west of the impact point entering a ditch at the side of the road that started the car tumbling. After it started tumbling it started up an embankment where it continued to tumble. The car came to rest 360 feet west of the impact point facing east on the right side of the road partially in the roadway. Russ was found lying on his back in the west bound lane 19 feet west of the car.


The police mapped out 6 gouge marks in the ground where the car tumbled. These marks would suggest that the car made three 360 degree rotations before coming to rest.


The police interviewed three independent witnesses:


John Smith who lives near the accident location reported to the police that he witnessed the deer carcass in the roadway at 11:15pm. He had no other information for the police.


Konstantinos Pagiazitis was traveling eastbound on Amwell Road and saw the headlights of Russís car tumbling in the distance. He did not see Russ ejected from the car. Mr. Pagiazitis called 911 at the scene. He also traveled westbound on Amwell Road just prior to Russ and had to swerve to miss the deer. He was on his way to an appointment in the area and was lost. Upon arrival at the scene Mr. Pagiazitis ran over to Russ to see what he could do, he did not do anything but ran back to his car to call 911. He reported that Russ was in a half fetal position facing the other side of the road.


Noelle Gecik was interviewed by police. Russ was visiting Noelle and her family the night of the accident. The police questioned Noelle and her family about what Russ had for dinner, how many glasses of wine he had while he was at their house, if they thought he had too much to drink, what he was talking about, what frame of mind he was in, what kind of driver he is, if he drives too fast or recklessly, and where he was going when he left.


Units which responded to the scene were as follows: Hillsborough Police, Hillsborough Rescue Squad, Somerset Medical Center Mobile Intensive Care Unit, North Star Medevac and Hillsborough Fire Station #38.


Upon arrival at the scene the Hillsborough Rescue Squad began giving Russ first aid. They then decided not to wait for the helicopter but to get him to the hospital as soon as possible. At some point Russ vomited and aspirated the vomit. In route to the hospital the squad members smelled alcohol. They informed the police who sent an officer to the hospital to collect a blood sample. This blood sample was collected and sent to the NJ State Police Lab in Trenton. The results of this analysis was included in the police report and showed no alcohol or drugs in Russís blood.


When the police arrived the car was still running, left headlight on, right rear lights on, windshield wipers on, both airbags deployed, driver seatbelt retracted and in good working order, neither directional was on, heat was on set to highest setting, fan was on medium, transmission was in 5th gear, radio was on with volume set to mid level. Deer hair and tissue was seen on the underside of the driver side of the car.


The police took many photographs at the scene. They are in the process of making copies for me. I will put some of them on this site when they are ready.