Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2002 1:47 AM
Subject: To someone who means so much!
Hey Russ,
It's your buddy Julio. As often as I have gone to visit you at the hospital, I am compelled to leave you a message that someday soon you will read. I have seen you, for the most part at your worst, and have had the opportunity to witness your speedy recovery. I know you have been through a great ordeal, and it is wonderful to see the progress that you are making. I must admit it was a little startling to see you moving and coughing, since you had been sedated for quite some time. But it warmed my heart to actually see you move on your own strength. I know you have a long arduous road ahead of you but, as you know, you will never be alone. You have friends and family and even people who hardly even know you, praying for your full recovery.
      Russ, you have always been like a brother to me and if I know you at all, you are fighting hard and strong!! There are so many things to look forward to in the future to come. For starters, we still have too many rounds of golf to catch up on. Well, I must go for now....but may God bless you and keep you strong.

Love Always,
Your Friend